26 October 2016

Give to the Max 2016

For the week of October 30, 2016

Give to the Max happens November 17. Jake Blumberg of GiveMN discusses “Minnesota’s giving holliday.” In the second half of the show, U of M Professor Mark Snyder discusses his research into why people choose to volunteer and give to charity.

Guests: Jake Blumberg, Executive Director of GiveMN; Mark Snyder, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota

  • Part 1 – 13:39

    Part 1
    Blumberg calls givemn.org a “one-stop-shop” for donors looking to support local charities. The site makes online donating easy and features information on thousands of local nonprofits. For the past two years, Give to the Max Day raised over $18 million among over 6,000 local non-profits and schools.
    Give to the Max Day is Nov. 17, but you can schedule an early gift starting Nov. 1. For more information go to: givemn.org
  • Part 2 – 12:56

    Part 2
    Professor Snyder says if you ask people whether they think it’s a good idea to get involved and volunteer, roughly 75-80% say yes—volunteering will help make the world a better place. The actual number of people who do volunteer, however, is closer to 25-30%. In order to encourage more people to volunteer and give to charity, Snyder says we need to make people understand that “giving and volunteering is not just doing something for other people…it’s also doing good for the people who give or volunteer.”