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Judge Miles Lord

Miles Lord blazed a precedent-shattering trail as one of Minnesota‚Äôs most storied judges. While on the Federal bench, Lord presided[…]

Corporate Tax Reform

The Republican tax reform bill slashes the corporate tax rate, which, according to its proponents, would dramatically stimulate the US[…]

Onigamiising: Ojibwe for Duluth

The modern-day city of Duluth has great significance in Ojibwe culture and history. Author Linda LeGarde Grover has written a[…]

Consumer Protection

Congress has voted to abolish a controversial rule proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that would have enabled consumers[…]

Self-driving Vehicles

Driverless vehicle technology is poised to revolutionize the transportation industry. But how will we ensure that all Minnesotans can benefit[…]



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    Judge Miles Lord
  • 06
    Corporate Tax Reform


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    Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation
  • 21
    Onigamiising: Ojibwe for Duluth
  • 15
    Consumer Protection
  • 08
    Self-driving Vehicles
  • 01
    The Environmental Impact of Corn


  • 25
    The Apocalypse!
  • 19
    Immigration Policies and MN Communities
  • 12
    2017 Twin Cities Mayoral Races
  • 05
    Politics in Sports


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