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The Gist of Reading

We live in an era of so-called fake news. Much of this misinformation is spread via social media and while[…]

Dangers Associated with Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of industrialized countries. It powers our vehicles, produces electricity, is used in many products and allows[…]

Supreme Court Decisions

The US Supreme Court is the final arbiter of legal issues that can alter the course of history; yet, much[…]

Rise of Probation

The probation system, as we know it, dates back to the Progressive Era and was created to provide offenders with[…]

Dental Care for Children

Many young Minnesota children from low-income families lack access to dental care. When oral health issues arise, caregivers often seek[…]

2018 Elections

Minnesotans head to the polls in November to vote for their members of Congress, State Legislators and the state’s constitutional[…]






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