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Access Minnesota is a weekly public affairs radio and television show featuring noted academics, authors, politicians and business leaders engaging in common sense conversations about compelling and relevant issues in the state of Minnesota, across the nation, and around the globe.


The Economy of Greater Minnesota

For the week of November 15, 2015 Brigid Tuck, Senior Economic Analyst the University of Minnesota Extension, discusses the Extension[…]

Myths of the Rune Stone

For the week of November 1, 2015 In 1989, a Swedish farmer in Kensington, MN uncovered a large rock engraved[…]



  • 25
    Reconciliation After War and Atrocity
  • 18
    The First Amendment on College Campuses
  • 11
    The Economy of Greater Minnesota
  • 04
    Presidential Campaign and House of Representatives Politics


  • 28
    Myths of the Rune Stone
  • 21
    Repairing Infrastructure with Smart Grid Technology
  • 14
    Archie Givens’s Work for Equality
  • 07
    Prof Julie Schumacher, Winner of the 2015 Thurber Prize


  • 30
    Veterans’ Voices 2015
  • 23
    The Institute on the Environment
  • 16
    Asians in America
  • 09
    Kenny Blumenfeld on Minnesota Weather
  • 02
    Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Memoir