1 February 2018

Abuse Prevention for Vulnerable Adults (Rebroadcast from February 2017)

From physical harm to financial exploitation, many older Minnesotans in need of care are exposed to abuse. This week, a look at the risk factors, how to spot abuse and how Minnesota is working to prevent abuse in vulnerable adults.

This show originally aired in February 2017.

Guests: Kari Benson, Director of the Aging and Adult Services Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Executive Director of Minnesota Board on Again; Alex Bartolic, Minnesota Department of Human Services Disability Services Division; Mary Dierich, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing

  • Part 1 – 13:19

    Part 1
    The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center, started in July of 2015, responds to suspected cases of maltreatment of a vulnerable adults. Last year, the center received approximately 50,000 cases of maltreatment. A recent ad campaign hopes to make more Minnesotans aware of the issue and provide assistance to those who have been abused.

    More information on adult abuse prevention in Minnesota: mn.gov/dhs/adult-protection
    To report abuse of a vulnerable adult call the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center: 844-880-1574

  • Part 2 – 13:15

    Part 2
    Up to one in six residents in nursing homes are abused, says nursing school professor, Mary Dierich, adding much of abuse is due to inadequate staffing and training. As Minnesota’s baby boomer population ages, the state must address the lack of care facilities and care providers that the growing elderly population is expected to need. Dierich discusses how the U of M is training students to specialize in care of older adults and how families should address the topic of aging and end-of-life care.

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