11 January 2018

Nondisclosure Agreements and Sexual Harassment

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct dating back to 1990. Several of these incidences did not become public because Weinstein paid the women cash settlements that included nondisclosure agreements. This week, a look at how NDAs contribute to sexual harassment in the workplace and how these agreements are being reconsidered in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Guest: Annie Hill, Assistant Professor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota


  • Part 1 – 12:30

    In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many have asked how Weinstein was able to get away with sexual misconduct at his company for so long. While nondisclosures are used to protect a company’s trade secrets, Hill discusses how NDAs have also been used to silence women and shield perpetrators of sexual harassment.

  • Part 2 – 14:05

    Following Anita Hill’s testimony on sexual harassment during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas, more women were empowered to speak out against sexual harassment and enter politics and 1992 became known as “The Year of the Woman.” Hill discusses the similarities between 1992 and to the #MeToo movement of today and how, hopefully, the current movement can create more permanent changes in the culture.