13 December 2017

Judge Miles Lord

Miles Lord blazed a precedent-shattering trail as one of Minnesota’s most storied judges. While on the Federal bench, Lord presided over several landmark cases involving environmental protection, women’s rights and education reform issues. This week, a look at Judge Lord’s career in a new biography written by Lord’s former law clerk.

Guest: Roberta Walburn, attorney and author of “Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice.”


  • Part 1 – 15:13

    Miles Lord was a classic definition of a maverick, says Walburn. “He decided early on that he was going to go his own way and be his own man on the bench. He was very colorful, very controversial and very outspoken. He believed that the legal system too often favored the rich and the powerful and he made it his express mission to even the playing field for the little guy.”

  • Part 2 – 11:22

    Walburn discusses the Dalkon Shield cases presided over by Judge Lord in the 1980s. His decision against the company resulted in more than 200,000 women receiving nearly $3 billion in compensation.

    For more information on Roberta Walburn’s book “Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice” go to: upress.umn.edu