7 June 2017

MN Legislature 2017

For the week of June 11, 2017

The Minnesota Legislature went into overtime again this year, but issues linger. There’s a showdown looming between Governor Dayton and the GOP leaders. Dayton cut all funding for the Legislature in response to what he called a “poison pill” provision in the tax bill which he reluctantly signed. This week, analysis of the state spending bills and the on-going conflict between Gov. Dayton and state Republicans.

Guest: David Schultz, professor in the political science department at Hamline University

  • Part 1 – 13:16

    Part 1
    Professor Schultz calls special sessions at the Legislature the “new normal.” Fundamental beliefs on the role of government divide the DFL and GOP and make it difficult for the two parties to compromise, even on simple and core issues, says Schultz. How the current budget conflicts will end—whether through further negotiations or a decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court—is still up in the air. Schultz says Republicans probably didn’t cut spending as much as they hoped, but they saw a victory in their push for tax cuts.
  • Part 2 – 13:20

    Part 2
    A major issue this session concerned the role of local versus state government. “We’re seeing the two parties play significant role reversals right now,” Schultz says. Where more liberal areas in the metro area used to push for state-wide laws, cities like Minneapolis are now fighting for the right to determine wage and sick-time ordinances. The Republicans successfully blocked Minneapolis from enacting a ban on plastic bags in the city.

    More information on David Schultz’s writing on politics can be found at: schultzstake.blogspot.com