23 March 2017

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

For the week of March 26, 2017

Kathryn Hoffman was named Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. She discusses the mission of the advocacy group and the environmental threats facing Minnesota.

Guest: Kathryn Hoffman, Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and adjunct faculty member of the University of Minnesota Law School

  • Part 1 – 14:16

    Part 1
    Started in 1974, the MCEA uses law and science to protect Minnesota’s environment, natural resources and health of its people. Lobbyists, lawyers and scientists at the MCEA help shape policy and regulation in the state and use the courts to enforce environmental protections.
  • Part 2 – 12:19

    Part 2
    Is environmental protection a one-sided political cause? Hoffman stresses the need for the two parties to work together: She encourages Democrats to develop better talking points on the benefits environmental protections bring to all communities and number of jobs in the clean energy sector, and, for Republicans, she hopes the party can acknowledge climate science and help prepare communities now in order to defer infrastructure costs in the future.