18 January 2017

Mapping Smallholder Farms

For the week of January 22, 2017

A new study from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment maps average farm sizes across the globe and highlights the contribution smallholder farms make to global food production.

Guest: Leah Samberg, postdoctoral research associate with the Institute on the Environment’s Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota

  • Part 1 – 13:03

    Part 1
    Combining agriculture data with household data, Samberg’s map identifies the regions in the world that most depend on small farms—agricultural land that is fewer than five hectares.

  • Part 2 – 13:29

    Part 2
    Samberg says her smallholder farm study is the first to map “agriculture that thinks about the people on the ground.” She hopes the data generated from the map helps to better understand the needs of farmers around the world and provides insight on issues of health, poverty and nutrition.

    More information on Leah Samberg’s research on smallholder farm distribution can be found at IOP Science’s Environmental Research Letters