21 September 2016

The Women and Money Project

For the week of September 25, 2016

How does money impact women’s lives and how does the financial system contribute to gender inequalities on a local and international scale? The Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art and Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota present The Women and Money Project, a gallery exhibit that examines the complicated relationships women have with money.

The Women and Money Project is on display at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus, now through December 10.

Guests: Ellen Schillace, Curator, Women and Money Project; Karen Wilcox, Project Coordinator, Women and Money Project


  • Part 1 – 12:18

    Part 1
    The Women and Money Project explores personal and global conversations on money through a variety of mediums. Some of the pieces include, a quilt of money, money sewed together, a video installation that asks “What have you done for money?” and Wilcox’s piece “Penitence” that tells the story of a battered woman washing her words out of laundry.
  • Part 2 – 13:50

    Part 2
    As part of the exhibit, Shillace put together a video asking women: What is money? What does it mean to you? Is it fair? Does it work for you? Is there another way?
    The Women and Money project extends beyond the gallery with artist discussions, performances and panels. Up-coming events include:
    “The Black Saints Chronicles” – 10/07/16, 6:00-7:00pm, Reception 7:00-8:30pm. Artist Tiffany Keri presents an interfusion of sound, puppetry, imagery and performance.
    “The Color of Wealth” – 10/08/16, 9:30am coffee and sign in, 12:00pm book signing. A symposium discussing the racial wealth divide in the US and key economic issues facing women of color. Dr. Rose Brewer is the moderator and panelists include Tiffany Keri, Brittany Lewis and Kenya McKnight. Storytelling by Rose McGee and performance by Mari Harris.

    Both events are held in the InFlux Space, Regis Center for Art, 405-21st Ave. S., Minneapolis

    For a complete list of events and more information on the Women and Money Project go to: thewomenandmoneyproject.org