27 July 2016

Campus Climate Initiative

For the week of July 31, 2016

With racial tensions in the US on the rise, how is the University of Minnesota addressing the issue on campus? Dr. Hylton discusses the unique challenges facing students of color on college campuses and how the U of M is working to make campus more welcoming and inclusive to students of all backgrounds and identities.

Guest: Dr. Lamar Hylton, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs, University of Minnesota

  • Part 1 – 13:23

    Part 1
    As the U of M seeks to increase diversity on campus—in both student and teacher populations—support systems are important to keep minority and vulnerable students from falling through the cracks. As a graduate student at a predominately white university, Dr. Hylton remembers questioning, “whether or not this was actually for me, whether or not this was a place that I could thrive, that I could be successful, a place that would care about me, care about the issues and experiences that I bring to this campus.” Were it not for the support systems at the university, Dr. Hylton says he would have most likely left the school.
  • Part 2 – 13:13

    Part 2
    The police shootings in the Twin Cities of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile have rocked the university community and students have felt the rippling effects, Dr. Hylton says. He and other university leaders encourage students to start conversations, mobilize, or engage political leaders. “We really try to wrap our arms around and support students in whatever vein that they choose to exercise their passions around these issues,” he says.

    For more information on Campus Climate visit: https://campus-climate.umn.edu/