22 June 2016

Let’s Go Fishing!

For the week of June 26, 2016

Guests: Eric Dregni, author, Associate Professor of English and Journalism at Concordia University in St. Paul

Whether it’s the one that got away or the one that was THIS BIG, every angler has a fish story. “If [the fish] doesn’t get bigger each time you tell the story, there’s something not quite right,” Eric Drengi says. He discusses these tall tales and cultural traditions of fishing in his new book, “Let’s Go Fishing! Fish Tales from the North Woods.”

  • Part 1 – 13:17

    Part 1
    While Baudette is the official Walleye Capital of the World (they filled out the paper work), other towns in Minnesota, including Isle and Garrison, also claim special ownership of the fish. Why is the walleye so beloved? Dregni says the fish is tasty and relatively easy to catch; but, with regulations in place on Mille Lacs, perhaps Minnesotans need to look for other tasty fish in our waters.
  • Part 2 – 13:12

    Part 2
    Smelt wrestling, worm charming and noodling (catching fish with bare hands), Dregni delved into the strangest northern fishing traditions in his book. As these and other fishing traditions are passed down to a younger generation as well as to new immigrants in the state, fishing continues to thrive. With the increased threat of invasive species and polluted waters however, environmental harm threatens the fishing tradition.

    Music by Dale Menten & The Live Bait Band

    More information on “Let’s Go Fishing! can be found at www.upress.edu

    photo from University of Minnesota Press

    photo from University of Minnesota Press