2 March 2016

Center for Victims of Torture

For the week of March 6, 2016

The Center for Victims of Torture works to end torture around the world and provides survivors of torture with physical and mental care. On the first half of the show we talk to Annie Sovcik; she is the Director of CVT’s Washington, D.C. office and one of the lead authors of CVT’s latest report, “Reclaiming Hope, Dignity and Respect: Syrian and Iraqi Torture Survivors in Jordan. The second half of the show, we discuss CVT’s work in Minnesota with the center’s Executive Director, Curt Goering.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:18) The Center for Victims of Torture’s latest report on Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan; (2:30) Why the victims were targets of torture; (4:10) Those responsible for the torture in Syria and Iraq and the involvement of ISIS; (5:57) Many refugees are separated from their families; (7:35) The effects from torture seen in refugees from Syria and Iraq; (8:32) The report calls for Jordan to provide job opportunities for refugees; (10:40) Resources needed in Jordan to help refugees
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:17) CVT started 30 years ago under Governor Rudy Perpich; (1:55) Refugee groups in MN; (3:17) Recourses available to torture survivors and asylum seekers; (5:40) The profound and long-term effects of torture; (8:34) Stigmas attached to mental health care; (10:09) The state’s responsibility to refugees
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