16 December 2015

U of M Delegates at COP 21

For the week of December 20, 2015

Kate Knuth, Director of the Boreas Environmental Leadership Program at the University of Minnesota, talked with Access Minnesota while she was in Paris for the COP 21 climate change negotiations as part of a delegation representing the U of M. Knuth discussed the scene in Paris and why these negotiations have been more productive than past COPs.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:10) What the COP 21 scene looked like in Paris with over 50,000 delegates from all over the world; (3:14) Negotiations and side events at COP 21; (4:27) Divestments from fossil fuels and the risk climate change poses to financial markets; (8:24) The concern over the economy vs concern over climate change
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:27) The Paris negotiations compared to previous negotiations in Copenhagen and Cancun; (2:10) Why Paris has been more productive: More awareness of the environmental effects, larger participation in environmental movements and greater interest from businesses; (4:57) A best case scenario from the negotiations; (6:16) What a future without carbon emissions would look like and how we start to build it; (8:17) The effect climate change deniers in the US have on negotiations; (11:18) Political challenges to climate change solutions in the US and in Minnesota; (13:10) How the terrorists attacks on Paris affected COP 21