14 October 2015

Archie Givens’s Work for Equality

For the week of October 18, 2015

This year’s University of Minnesota Homecoming Grand Marshal, Archie Givens, joins us to discuss his work building affordable housing and how his family’s foundation is helping to improve education for students of color. The Givens Foundation includes a collection of over 18,000 works and artifacts of African American literature at the Elmer L. Andersen Library.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:20) Serving as this year’s Grand Marshal at the U of M Homecoming; (1:55) Givens’s experience as a football player at the U of M; (2:26) Bringing football back to the U campus at TCF Stadium; (3:08) The Givens’ family business; (4:20) The development of Heritage Park on the Northside; (5:27) How to persuade communities that there is a need for affordable housing; (6:49) The need for affordable housing not just in urban areas but in outstate MN as well; (8:06) Fears over affordable housing; (8:58) Givens’s experience as an African American student at the U of M in the 1960s; (10:50) Diversity of the U campus today
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:16) The Givens Foundation and the Foundation’s collection of African American literature at the U of M; (1:50) The collection has over 18,000 books and cultural objects; (3:20) The Givens Foundation writer’s retreat; (4:19) Unique aspects of the literature collection; (5:37) The Foundation’s work on closing the achievement gap; (8:16) Possible solutions to the achievement gap; (9:42) Advice for first-generation college students; (10:41) Future projects at the Givens Foundation