2 September 2015

Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Memoir

For the week of September 6, 2015

Senator Amy Klobuchar talked to Access Minnesota about her new memoir, “The Senator Next Door.”

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:13) Senator Klobuchar’s future in politics and whether she is considering a run for a higher office; (2:30) How she came to call herself “The Senator Next Door;” (3:36) The difficulty running for office without experience in raising large amounts of money; (5:33) How to encourage more “Senators Next Door” to run for office; (7:12) Why women are still underrepresented in US politics and how to encourage more women to run; (8:59) How Klobuchar got started in politics; (10:23) Klobuchar’s time as Hennepin County Attorney; (13:07) Humphrey, Mondale and Wellstone’s influence on Klobuchar
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:15) Klobuchar’s father and his struggles with alcoholism; (2:07) Jim Klobuchar’s life as a reporter in the public eye; (4:17) Despite low approval rating for congress, Klobuchar has one of the highest approval ratings in the Senate; (5:35) How Klobuchar has been successful reaching across the aisle; (8:04) Hopes for President Obama’s final year in office