26 August 2015

The Minneapolis Foundation Celebrates 100 Years

For the week of August 30, 2015

Teresa Morrow is the Vice President of External Relations at The Minneapolis Foundation. She discusses The Minneapolis Foundation’s impact on the city for 100 years and the foundation’s up-coming Futurist Conference.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:05) The Minneapolis Foundation’s start 100 years ago; (1:28) The original purpose of the foundation; (2:06) The focus of the foundation; (2:28) Causes supported by the foundation; (3:57) Investment in art and culture, economic vitality, environment and conservation, education, health and civic engagement; (4:40) Requests for funding; (5:25) 100-year anniversary celebrations; (6:36) The website’s interactive timeline; (8:10) Wishes for the future videos and Twitter messages; (9:24) Addressing the achievement gap in Minneapolis; (11:18) Keeping Minneapolis attractive to young people and communities of color; (12:23) Minneapolis compared to other cities
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:26) The purpose of the Face Forward Futurist Conference and the presenters at the conference; (4:22) How the conference relates to issues facing Minneapolis; (5:17) The issues the foundation hopes to address in the future; (6:19) Challenges facing arts organizations and non-profits; (8:35) Major goals for the next century; (9:25) Information on the conference and how to register; (10:25) How to contribute to the Minneapolis Foundation