5 August 2015

Highway Lids

For the week of August 9, 2015

Mic Johnson is a practicing architect and a Senior Research Fellow at the Metropolitan Design Center at the University of Minnesota; this week, a discussion on how highway lids can transform urban landscapes and reconnect neighborhoods.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:07) The definition of a highway lid; (1:39) Highway lids are an attempt to reconnect neighborhoods disrupted by highways; (3:22) Highway lids around Minnesota and the US; (4:53) Benefits of the lids; () Lids encourage green spaces to help mitigate pollution; (8:06) The history of highway lids; (8:49) Plans to bring lids to MN; (9:59) The U of M’s involvement in highway lid projects; (11:05) The timeline for highway lids in MN
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:30) The support needed in the state to get highway lids developed; (1:59) Places where highways lids will not work; (3:00) Lids for small town and rural areas; (4:20) The costs of highway lids; (6:00) The problems Boston ran into with the city’s highway lid; (7:33) The lack of design integration between highways and cities; (8:32) Concern that lids could cause gentrification in certain neighborhoods; (10:25) The possibility of resurrecting neighborhoods destroyed by highways in the past