24 June 2015

Tom Fisher on Design and Architecture in Minnesota

For the week of June 28, 2015

Tom Fisher, Dean of the College of Design, University of Minnesota, discusses stepping down as dean at the end of the month and starting a new position at the Metropolitan Design Center.

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:18) The many disciplines housed in the College of Design; (1:57) The evolution of the school; (2:57) Technological changes in the design school; (4:39) The cross-disciplinary nature of design; (5:54) Fisher’s accomplishments as dean; (7:50) Future of the school; (8:40) Fisher’s new position at the Metropolitan Design Center; (10:05) The importance of preserving the past while integrating new design; (11:23) New design projects outside of the Twin Cities
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:29) The Metropolitan Design Center’s work with communities in MN; (1:37) Creative design vs city planning; (3:17) Examples of outstanding urban design in the Twin Cities; (4:46) Outdated design in MN that no longer applies to how we live; (6:37) Upcoming projects at the Design Center; (8:33) Design and infrastructure planning for climate change; (11:05) Design that accounts for the future and allows flexibility