5 May 2015

Tom Swain’s Life in Minnesota’s Public Sector

For the week of May 10, 2015

Tom H. Swain, chief of staff to former governor Elmer L. Andersen, executive director of Minnesota’s Statehood Centennial Commission, former University of Minnesota Alumni Association, Mayor of Lilydale from 2007-10

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:26) Why Swain chose work in the public sector; (2:30) Growing anti-government sentiment; (3:45) Family connection to Hubert H. Humphrey; (4:50) How Swain helped bring the Vikings to MN; (7:17) The rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul; (8:25) Scandal with the Winter Carnival Vulcans
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:28) Swain’s strategy to get Governor Andersen elected; (2:30) The MN state bird controversy; (4:32) Attempts to reduce and streamline government; (6:00) Governor Andersen’s loss after one term; (8:47) Swain’s work on MinnesotaCare; (11:02) Swain’s work with three U of M presidents; (12:55) The area of work Swain is most proud of