29 April 2015

The Deadly Tornado Outbreak of May 6, 1965

  • For the week of May 3rd, 2015
    Kenny Blumenfeld, Hazardous Weather Researcher for Hennepin County Emergency Management, discusses what made the storm so dangerous, and Rob Brown, former WCCO radio executive, talks about his experience during the station’s live coverage that night

  • Part 1

    Part 1

    (1:30) What conditions lead to the tornadoes that evening; (2:25) The parts of the Cities that suffered the most damage; (3:00) How many tornadoes actually touched down (4:20) The “three tornado” controversy (7:06) Why more people did not perish in the storm; (9:30) The impact a similar storm would have on the metro area if it happened today

  • Part 2

    Part 2

    Brown recounts his experience at WCCO as they covered the event, alerting listeners and saving countless lives