21 January 2015

Ethical Challenges and Dangers Confronted By Journalists

  • For the week of January 25th, 2015

    University of Minnesota Professor of Media Ethics and Law, Jane Kirtley, discusses the attack on Charlie Hebdo and free speech laws

  • Part 1

    Part 1
    (1:26) Incidences like Charlie Hebdo that have happened in the past; (2:33) Why Charlie Hebdo has generated so much controversy; (4:15) The satire found in Charlie Hebdo; (5:14) A French law regarding hate speech; (7:41) How these laws are enforced; (7:53) Whether some speech deserves to be suppressed; (9:26) The Pope’s comments regarding speech and religion; (10:44) The law suit against Charlie Hebdo; (11:39) The decision whether to republish offensive material

  • Part 2

    Part 2
    (:28) Whether US law protects hacked information, such as in the case of Sony; (3:15) Laws of defamation; (4:07) Privacy laws concerning public and private figures; (5:25) When organizations are threatened with attacks, the ethical questions they face; (7:58) Whether censorship should be applied in extreme cases; (9:14) Free speech in the case of the Mall of America protesters