29 October 2014

The Future of the Liberal Arts Degree

For the week of November 2nd, 2014

As the job market for recent graduates remains tight, some college applicants and their parents are questioning the value of a liberal arts education. But despite the recent emphasis on business, science and engineering majors, the liberal arts can still provide students with the critical thinking and creative skills that many employers are seeking. On this week’s Access Minnesota, University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Dean John Coleman shares his thoughts on the future of the U’s largest college.

  • Guest: Dr. John Coleman, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota
  • Issues: Issues confronting the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota; Explaining the benefits of a Liberal Arts degree to parents and the business community in times of economic uncertainty; Alumni outreach; CLA’s renewed emphasis on research
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    Part 1

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    Part 2