3 September 2014

Previewing the 2014 Elections

For the week of September 7th, 2014

Politics are as much a part of the Minnesota State Fair as the food, rides, exhibits and animals. With the November elections just a couple of months away, you’ll find virtually all of the candidates at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. On this week’s Access Minnesota, University of Minnesota Political Science Professor Kathryn Pearson joins us from the Fair. We’ll talk about the midterm elections and the struggle for control of Congress, the State Legislature and the Governor’s office.

  • Guest: Kathryn Pearson, Associate Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Minnesota
  • Issues: Minnesota’s US Senate and Gubernatorial races; House races to keep an eye on; Republican chances of winning a majority the US Senate in 2014; Amy Klobuchar’s popularity and political future; Obama’s prospects for passing meaningful legislation in the final 2 years of his presidency; Partisanship and dysfunction in Congress
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    Part 1

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    Part 2