20 August 2014

The Problem with Long Term Weight Loss

For the week of August 24th, 2014

Many Americans are concerned about their body weight. Dieting and exercise can help, but a new study suggests that only a small percentage of people are able to keep those extra pounds from coming back. Does this mean that permanent weight loss is nearly impossible? On this week’s Access Minnesota, University of Minnesota Psychology Professor Traci Mann tells us why we should focus less on weight and more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Guest: Dr. Traci Mann, Psychology Professor at the University of Minnesota
  • Issues: The scientific consensus on dieting that many weight loss experts are hesitant to share; Why keeping weight off can be so difficult for dieters; Is obesity as unhealthy as we think?; Focusing on healthy eating and exercise instead of weight goals
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    Part 1

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    Part 2