13 August 2014

The Science of Movement

For the week of August 17th, 2014

Groundbreaking research on human movement is underway at the University of Minnesota’s School of Kinesiology that could benefit people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. On this week’s Access Minnesota, Kinesiology Professor Jurgen Konczak talks about his study of exercise and its positive impact on the human brain.

  • Guest: Dr. Jürgen Konczak, Professor in the School of Kinesiology, Director of the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory at the Center for Clinical Movement Science at the University of Minnesota
  • Issues: How technology has changed the study of movement; How kinesiology may differ from public perceptions; Research on Parkison’s Disease; The impact of exercise on our motor skills and body control; The development of body control and motor skills in young children
  • Part 1

    Part 1

  • Part 2

    Part 2