8 May 2013

The University of Minnesota’s Gene Modification Breakthrough

For the week of May 12th, 2013
Science magazine calls it one of the “breakthroughs of the year.” It’s a technique developed at the University of Minnesota that allows researchers to manipulate genetic material with a greater level of precision and control. That could lead to significant advances in the treatment of genetic diseases in humans. On the next Access Minnesota, U of M researcher Dan Voytas discusses this cutting edge research and its potential impact on both human and plant health.

  • Guest: Daniel Voytas, professor in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development and director of the Center for Genome Engineering
  • Issues: Past challenges in gene modification; New breakthroughs using the TALENS technology; Future research possibilities in plants and humans; Ethical considerations with regard to gene modification
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    Part 1

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    Part 2