23 June 2010

Playing God: Controversial New Science

For the week of June 27th, 2010

In May, scientists in California created a living cell from DNA that was synthesized in a lab. It’s not quite the same as creating life, but it is stirring debate in the scientific community. While synthetic biology is potentially beneficial, some say it’s “Playing God” and others fear the creation of artificial life could have unintended consequences. This week a look at the promise and Peril of Synthetic Biology. But another area of science is also generating debate. A genetics testing company recently contracted with Walgreens to sell genetics tests over the counter, which drew strong protest from the FDA. In Part 2 this week, we’ll talk about the risks of do-it-yourself genetics testing.

Guests: Yiannis Kaznessis, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science at the University of Minnesota; Kristen Niendorf, Genetics Testing Counselor at the University of Minnesota

Part 1 (14:40)

Part 1

Part 2 (13:03)

Part 2